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    Ingatestone High Street

  • Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations (photo: Ingatestone Camera Club)

    Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations (photo: Ingatestone Camera Club)

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Parishioners request by-election for vacant parish council seat 

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council (IFPC) will be holding a by-election on 4 January 2018 if a vacant seat on the parish council is contested.

When a councillor resigns from the parish council, the parish clerk notifies the borough council about the resignation and formal notice is published that gives any elector the right to call for a by- election.

How does the system work?

This process happens every time there is a vacancy, but in the past, no electors have request a by-election. When no by-election is requested, the parish council are instructed to fill the position available by ‘co-option’, where the parish councillors choose a candidate for the vacancy.

On this occasion, more than 10 electors have requested this process, therefore the parish council must follow the formal procedure.  

It is the democratic right of any elector to stand at this by-election and the parish council welcome anyone who is interested to contact the parish clerk to discuss further.

When is the election taking place?

Next week, the notice for nominations will be posted and application forms will be available from the parish clerk at the parish office (Suite 1, 4 The Limes, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 0BE, 9am-5pm Tuesday - Thursday). Those interested in standing for election must collect the forms or ask someone to collect them on their behalf. There is a deadline for the receipt of these forms and the actual election will take place on Thursday 4 January 2018 (if the seat is contested).

Is there a cost?

Estimates received by the parish council put the cost of this by-election at £7,000 + VAT. This charge will be levied at the parish council every time a by-election is called. As the parish council holds the public purse, this by-election is paid for ultimately by the parishioners. However, if there is only one candidate who wishes to stand, the election is uncontested. Therefore, there are no election expenses but the parish council will still have to pay for the poll cards (£1,000 + VAT).


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