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Our mission as Brentwood CVS is:

To make a positive difference for the community of Brentwood by supporting other voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations to achieve the very best they can for their beneficiaries.

Our focus is always on benefit for all the communities of Brentwood and we are clear that we do this by supporting and collaborating (never competing) other “frontline” VCS organisations in the Borough. Our values statement summarises how we go about doing this as follows:

Brentwood CVS is a friendly and approachable local umbrella organisation that delivers professionalvalue for money support services for voluntary and community sector organisations in Brentwood. We are determined to make a positive difference wherever we can, always being honest and realistic with our partners and beneficiaries and striving to remove barriers that might inhibit access to our services.

Our vision for the next 2-3 years is to: grow the support services we provide by both extending existing services and by developing new offers to make a bigger impact for the sector and the communities we serve. To support this we want steadily to increase our overall income and diversify our funding base to improve our financial sustainability and resilience.

Phone: 01277 222299


Town Hall, Ingrave Road
CM15 8AY