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The Parish Council is the burial authority for Fryerning Cemetery and authorises burials, ashes interments and the installation of headstones. We are responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery grounds which includes hedge cutting and grass cutting. As it is a country cemetery, special consideration is given to conserving and promoting flora and fauna and there are designated conservation areas where wildlife is encouraged. It is also home to some rare plants and fungi and they are protected as part of the maintenance programme. The Lychgate at the entrance is owned by the Parish Council and, although it looks much older, was built around the turn of the twentieth century. Here on a notice board you will find details of our maintenance programme and a fascinating account of the type of wildlife and plants that can be seen on a walk through the cemetery. It is intended that the cemetery is a peaceful place for quiet reflection and we strive to maintain it to a high standard. In return we ask our visitors to observe the rules of the cemetery.

For further information please click the useful Rules & Regulations document download button or see contact details below.

Contact Name: Mrs Rosemary Spouge, Assistant to the Clerk
Phone: 01277 676759