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To celebrate World Book Day, why not visit Essex Library Service to join a library, get a reading suggestion, find a book club… and lots more!
Essex County Council have shared the incredible results of the Essex Year of Reading, launched in 2022:
Throughout the campaign, primary, secondary, and SEND schools embarked on inspiring projects, including ‘Reading Fluency’ training for teachers. Thanks to their dedication, nearly 60 schools completed training, impacting over 300 pupils and boosting Key Stage 2 comprehension by an impressive two years and two months! 🌟
But that’s not all! Here are some highlights of Essex’s year-long celebration of reading:
160,000 free library cards offered to primary school pupils πŸ“š
Author visits from Dermot O’Leary and Michael Rosen 🌟
Filmed story time sessions featuring local personalities πŸŽ₯
Book swap stalls in schools to promote reading culture πŸ“–
Storytelling and poetry competitions ✍️
Pen pal connections between pupils and older people πŸ’Œ
But the journey continues! 🌟
ECC’s Essex Year of Numbers campaign, aims to ignite a passion for numeracy and lifelong learning. We’ll be sharing exciting events, activities, and competitions to challenge perceptions about maths.
We’ve had an exciting start with lot’s more learning experiences for children across Essex still to come:
β€˜Count Me In’ music production and DJ skills sessions 🎡
A free app full of numeracy material, advice, and guidance πŸ“±
Lego Education workshops in Essex Libraries πŸ—οΈ
Lab in the Library; maths and science-based sessions πŸ§ͺ
Ministry of Defence STEM coding project πŸ’»
Cricket4Maths with more than 215 junior schools 🏏