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Energy-saving LED lamps are set to be installed on all-night street lights across the county to save taxpayers thousands on electricity costs.

The new longer-lasting lamps require less maintenance and use less electricity. 

Essex County Council is starting a programme to replace 9,000 existing lamps later this month (August). The work is part of a two-year project to replace 19,000 street lights with LED units.

Taxpayers can enjoy predicted savings of £600,000-a-year on energy and maintenance costs, as well as carbon taxes, once the programme is completed.

 Cllr Eddie Johnson, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “We are focusing this rollout on street lighting that currently remains on throughout the night to ensure the largest and quickest financial return for the taxpayer.

 “LED street lights cost less to run, require less maintenance and create a brighter light on the highway.

 “A significant proportion of this scheme has been forward-funded through an interest-free Government loan as recognition of the environmental and financial benefits of this project.”

The first phase will start in Castle Point and Rochford followed by Basildon. Later this year crews will start replacement work in Chelmsford and Uttlesford.

Each new LED lighting unit is installed with a remote-monitoring “telecell” which connects the street light electronically to the Essex Central Management System.

Engineers can then see if any of the LEDs are faulty, as well as control the timings and brightness to suit each road.