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Quite often we are contacted as the first port of call for all manner of parish issues and concerns. So we have put together this list detailing which authority is responsible for what issue.

However, if you would like help, please do contact the Parish Council office on 01277 676 759 and we should be able to point you in the right direction.

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council

v  Total maintenance of Fairfield and both churchyards up to the High Street – hedges, grass (except the cricket outfield, furniture, trees)

v  Emptying of parish council owned bins

v  Total maintenance of the Fryerning Cemetery and its Lychgate – hedges, grass, furniture, trees

v  Total maintenance of play equipment at Fairfield

v  Maintenance and rental of Seymour Pavilion



Brentwood Borough Council

v  Issuing Tree Preservation Orders

v  Hedges and their cutting (if council owned)

v  High hedges complaints on private land



Brentwood Borough Council Neighbourhood Action Team (please contact via the Parish Council) – Brentwood BC land only, not private land

v  Cutting back vegetation, including site lines and hedges

v  Edging pathways

v  Planting trees and shrubs and subsequent pruning

v  Weeding flower beds

v  Bulb planting

v  Painting play equipment, litter bins, benches and railings

v  Blitz litter picking and bubble-gum removal

v  Graffiti on Council property

v  Picking up fly tips



Brentwood Borough Council Street Cleansing Team

v  Bin emptying and litter picking on Council land and roads (every 12 weeks)

v  Removing graffiti

v  Clearing broken glass


Essex County Council – report via

v  Grass cutting on highway verges (Spring / Summer months)

v  Rural area grass verges twice a year

v  Weed spraying in some urban areas (three times a year)

v  Trees and hedges on road verges (fallen trees, broken branches, dead/diseased trees, obscuring sight lines, falling leaves and fruit, obstruction of phone lines)

v  They don’t look after trees, hedges and shrubs on private land that is next to roads and pavements

v  Repairing potholes

v  Unblocking gullies

v  Mending broken kerbs


Essex Highway Rangers – dealing with paths and footpaths (0845 603 7631)

v  Clearing and recycling untidy areas

v  Sign cleaning

v  Removing unlawful signs

v  Street clutter

v  Clearing overgrowth

v  Weeding pavements

v  Hedge trimming

v  Simple road repairs

v  Poor roadside drainage

v  Fly tipping


Remember: all Parish Council meetings are open to the press and public. All agendas are posted on the website and on the noticeboards three clear days before the meeting. Members of the public are entitled and welcome to ask questions or raise concerns. You can also participate remotely via Zoom – let us know in advance so we can set it up and send you the link to join the meeting. Meetings can be subject to change and it is advisable to check the noticeboard and website in advance of the meeting for up to date agendas and information.