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Tree felling in Fairfield

In line with the annual tree inspection, last year IFPC arranged a survey about the condition of the trees in Fairfield, Seymour Field and at the Fryerning Cemetery. The survey was undertaken in September 2022 by a qualified and trustworthy body and was needed to assess the state of local trees. The results came back in October 2022 where three trees that needed work had been identified – IFPC were informed that there was an unacceptable level of internal decay, precisely fungi in the roots, in two oak trees, and dead wood in a red oak which is overhanging the footway and highway.

On the day of receiving the results, IFPC contacted Cllr Lesley Wagland as the trees in question are responsibility of Essex County Council and have been maintained by ECC since their planting in 1968. The works were originally meant to commence in March, but due to wet weather were postponed.

IFPC and ECC both hold responsibility for public safety, and, though we are deeply regretful of any trees having to be cut, the decision to fell the trees was deemed as the safest solution – if they were to fall, it would affect both the property, the rail line and the main footpath to the station causing danger for residents.

Had IFPC received more advanced notice, we would have notified residents using Fairfield during the school summer holiday sooner. The area along the path has now been cleared; the orange tape near the other oak tree is still in place, and is expected to be removed, along with the cut wood, during this week.

P.S. Updates on the state of trees in Fairfield, Seymour Field and Fryerning cemetery are part of every meeting of the Facilities Committee. During the last committee meeting, a Tree Management Policy was proposed; it was later adopted at the Full Council and can be viewed here. The next meeting of the Facilities Committee will be held on 18 September at 7:30 pm.