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Brentwood Borough Council manages a sheltered housing scheme within Ingatestone which in total comprises of 67 dwellings, including a main building with 10 bedsits and four one bedroom flats, a mixture of bungalows and one bedroom flats on Stock Lane and bungalows off Fryerning Lane.

Ingleton House is part of the sheltered housing scheme located on Stock Lane and has been identified by the Neighbourhood Plan as containing units which are no longer fit for purpose. 

Brentwood Borough Council has a ‘Small Sites Development Programme of new affordable homes’ as part of it’s ‘Strategic Housing Development Programme’, and the Ingleton House site falls within this category.

The first homes to be built under this programme are those at Brookfield Close and Courage Court in Hutton. The construction has ‘innovative Carbon reduction and absorption schemes’ and the building design has won accolades.

The site is a prime location in the village, and the parish council would want to see the 26 dwellings proposed comply with the Essex Design Guide and with the design notes contained within the Neighbourhood Plan. 

The Planning and Highways Committee is expecting to be the centre of the consultation that Brentwood is about to start and seek the residents views and those of our businesses.

We look forward to involving you all as plans are made available.