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Community Agents Essex is a countywide network of agents and volunteers who support older people and informal carers to find and develop independent living solutions from within their local community.

It is an innovative new partnership:

  • Promoting health and independence
  • Reducing social isolation
  • Finding practical solutions to daily living
  • Providing confidential trusted Information
  • Informing choice and reducing confusion
  • Increasing individual and community resilience

The service is delivered through a community and voluntary sector partnership consisting of Rural Community Council of Essex, British Red Cross, Age UK Essex and Essex Neighbourhood Watch.

Requesting a visit from a Community Agent

We accept self-referral or third-party referrals by:


(Only include the client’s name in the email. Please include your contact details and we will call you back to obtain the clients details. We will accept protected word document attachments with a pre-agreed password)

If it is on behalf of another person, confirmation that the person knows that we will be contacting them

Who can Community Agents help?

An older person or an informal carer for an older person (no specific age definition of older person but probably over 65, isolated, more vulnerable or struggling to cope)

They must be open/willing to receive help

We can help and support older people with things such as:

  • Getting out and about
  • Independent living skills
  • Home adaptations
  • Money worries
  • Filling in forms
  • Meeting people
  • Healthy Living
  • Caring for someone

Community Agents offer a free visit to help with all of these and more…

What we need to know at point of referral?

  • Person’s name and telephone number (can be mobile)
  • Date of birth
  • Village, town or postcode they live in (no address unless they have no phone)
  • Brief details of need
  • Any known risk or other existing services related to the client

If it is on behalf of another person, confirmation that the person knows that we will be contacting them

Contact us

We are part of Live Well Link Well and can be accessed through the Essex Wellbeing Service

For all general enquiries and referrals:

call 0300 3039988


You can refer online via

If you would like to speak to Community Agents directly about an ongoing enquiry, please contact our Service Coordinators on the below e-mails:

For all areas please contact:

Phone: 0300 3039988