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IFPC was very surprised to have discovered these new rules for visiting ECC recycling facilities:

“From Monday 13 March 2023, residents visiting Essex County Council (ECC) recycling centres will need to book in advance.”

We are raising concerns about this change – we would like to emphasise that we had not been informed of this move prior to its public announcement. We are convinced this is going to increase fly tipping enormously; we also believe it will create many unnecessary difficulties for residents, not to mention that all the efforts our residents have been making in committing to recycling as much as possible are being undermined. We will demand an explanation from our elected representative over the lack of consultation on this issue.

This matter will be discussed at the next Full Council meeting on 9 February. Members of the public are welcome to join in via Zoom using the following details:
Zoom Meeting ID: 817 7064 3510, Passcode: 044954

Please consider attending online as there is limited space in the meeting room. If that is not possible, please advise the clerk of your attendance in advance. There is a room capacity limit that, if exceeded, could prevent public access.