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The Parish Council are pleased to advise that a CCTV camera has been installed in Fairfield this week.  The siting was agreed following a meeting between Brentwood Borough Council and IFPC as the camera could only be located on parish owned lampposts.
It is hoped that a further camera will be made available to the parish for location in the Market Place at a later date.
Safer Brentwood’s Daniel Cannon:-
“Due to successful partnership working with Thurrock Council relating to their ongoing CCTV deployments of mobile cameras to help deter fly tipping, Brentwood Borough Council (BBC) has been granted the use of several of these cameras to use for deployment at locations around the borough where antisocial behaviour has been reported.
“The partnership arose following a request from Thurrock’s environmental health to monitor their existing camera feeds which BBC’s CCTV department agreed to undertake. During discussions with CCTV at Brentwood it was agreed that in exchange for monitoring these feeds Thurrock Council would assist Brentwood borough with camera sharing and deployment.
“This has enabled us to assist local parishes and central urban areas with rapidly deployable CCTV at minimal cost to the borough, to help reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.