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The Lighthouse Furniture Project is a Charity and Social Enterprise that serves communities in Essex by providing low cost reused furniture and electrical appliances. It is possible thanks to the generosity of the public who donate items that would otherwise go to landfill.

Whilst furniture reuse is their core activity, Lighthouse Furniture Project more than just that. By using Lighthouse the organisation as a resource, they support others through volunteering and partner with other local charities and services to signpost people to get the help they need.

Lighthouse Furniture Project:

  • support those in need by providing items for those that have no way of affording it otherwise
  • collect furniture donated to them in Brentwood as well as many of the surrounding towns
  • sell furniture from their warehouse to EVERYONE
  • deliver furniture to customers
  • work in partnership with the Council and over 70 agencies to support the community

Please visit their website for more information: