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Brentwood Borough Council would like to thank the 1,280 people and organisations who responded to the Draft Local Development Plan consultation earlier this year and let them know that their comments are now available to view online. The public consultation ran for a period of six weeks from 10 February until 23 March 2016.

In the next few days, the Council will be sending either an email or letter to everyone who commented and this will be confirmation that your comments have been registered as duly made and are available online. For those who made more than one comment and provided an email address, you will receive a separate response for each one – this is because a representation record was created for each individual issue identified within responses to the consultation. Although this may seem excessive, it is how the system works and it lets residents know that none of their comments have been missed and all have been recorded. For those receiving confirmation by letter, only one letter per household will be sent.

When residents receive their email(s) or letter, it will give them all the details they need to view their comments online.

What happens next?

All comments are now being considered and a feedback Consultation Statement summarising these will be presented at committee later this year. The Consultation Statement will provide a summary of the main issues arising from the comments received to the Draft Local Plan and its associated Sustainability Appraisal.  The comments received will be used to assist the Council in the preparation of the next version of the Local Plan. There will be a further round of consultation for this next version of the Plan. 

Brentwood Borough Council’s Chair of the Planning and Licensing Committee, Councillor Roger McCheyne, said: “We would like to thank everyone for the time they have taken to make their comments. We received over 3,900 individual comments  which will all play a vital part in shaping the final version of the Local Plan, each milestone we pass is another step towards securing the future of our Borough.”

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