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A community scheme to help people feel more safe is now being extended to Ingatestone. 

Keep Safe is a free scheme to help vulnerable people feel more safe when they are out in towns across Essex and in the Borough. Brentwood were the first to extend the scheme to the elderly, those with learning difficulties and mental ill health. 

As part of the scheme specified venues display the Keep Safe sticker and offer the use of a telephone or will make a phone call for members of the scheme if they are in need. For example, if they lose their keys, telephone or wallet, or are distressed in any way. 

Keep Safe Brentwood launched in October 2014 with 16 venues supporting the scheme and more than 1000 members signed up. In June 2015 the scheme was extended to include Shenfield too, which has saw a further 8 venues sign up and the number of members rising to over 4000. 

And on Saturday June 25 the scheme will be expanded to include Ingatestone too, which has 7 venues lined up. The launch event will take place in Ingatestone High Street from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Attending the event are representatives from Essex Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Essex Fire and Rescue and Brentwood Borough Council

The businesses taking part are:

  • Patrick Greens
  • Abigail’s Delicatessen
  • Abigail’s Lifestyle
  • 66
  • Kennadys
  • Pieros
  • The Lounge

Brentwood Borough Council’s Chair of the Community, Health and Leisure Committee, Councillor Keith Parker, said: “The Keep Safe scheme has been successful in Brentwood and Shenfield so it makes sense to extend it to include Ingatestone. 

We hope it reassures those that are feeling vulnerable that there is somewhere to go to if they feel they need help.

If you or someone you know would like more information about the scheme, join us at the event in Ingatestone where you can talk to those involved.”

To find our more about the scheme contact our Keep Safe Team by email or you can call 01277 312500.