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In this series of short articles we will be taking you through each section of the Neighbourhood Plan to discuss some of the key objectives we have identified across a number of local issues. 


Today, we will talk about the objectives the plan sets out to conserve and enhance the economic development within the parish .The plan features an implementation strategy discussing how the objectives will be achieved.



The IFPC Neighbourhood Plan looks to support…

  • Measured, proportionate, timely and sustainable development to meet local requirements, particularly those of our young people and older residents
  • Promote a flourishing local economy with a range of successful independent businesses
  • As an existing commuter village, Ingatestone will increase its local employment base with the aim of reducing its export of people.
  • The growing population of the parish will be supported with employment sites, appropriate retail outlets and a thriving economy.
  • The parish will have the transport connections, available space, facilities and infrastructure to support new and expanding businesses as and when the need arises and the parish council will be active in searching out new opportunities for bringing new employment to Ingatestone and Fryerning. 


If you would like to recieve a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan, please call 01277 676759 or e-mail