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We are entering into a new era for planning. There is a renewed emphasis on planning at the local level because of the belief that local people know best what local needs are and how they can be met.

A key component of the new approach to planning is the Neighbourhood Plan. It provides a great opportunity for our community to have more influence on how the place in which we live and work will change over time.

For the last three years NPAC has been gathering evidence from our community to produce a document that once ‘made’ will be a formal part of the planning process.

This draft was published for consultation between 1 September and 31 October 2020. The comments received were analysed and appropriate changes made. This led to the production of the final plan which can be found here:

Parish Council Documents – Ingatestone & Fryerning Parish Council (

The next step is to submit it to Brentwood Borough Council, the local planning authority, together with a Consultation Statement containing details of who was consulted and how and the main issues and concerns raised, and how these have been addressed. They will carry out a final check to ensure that the plan and all accompanying documents comply with the legal requirements before passing them to an independent examiner. The main purpose of the examination is to ensure that the plan has regard to national planning policies, contributes to the achievement of sustainable development and is in general conformity with the strategic policies of the Local Plan (produced by Brentwood)