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At the Horticultural Show last July, the parish council announced the intention to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Ingatestone and Fryerning. Residents were asked to sign up if they could offer some time and expertise. Fortunately, a group stepped forward, and we have been meeting monthly in the library since November to begin the evidence gathering.

By January 2018, we could report in our newsletter that the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee has been formally established as a committee of the parish council. Our website now features dedicated pages on progress and working groups gathering information about the environment and the people in our community. 

The Business Working Group produced a digest of our businesses having found 220 of them either based or registered in the parish. A questionnaire was designed and has been distributed to understand the needs our businesses have to maintain their activities and allow them to grow. Results are coming in and we are looking forward to the analysis that will lead us to assist them in the most appropriate way.

The Environment and Land Use Working Group has been assembling information about the built environment and the civic society. A residents’ questionnaire is being distributed together with our latest newsletter, to ascertain what is important locally; what our strengths and weaknesses are as a parish; and will lead us to consult with you further on how we can achieve the ‘vision’ printed in the newsletter too.

We will report the results of the analysis of both questionnaires in our web pages.