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Do you think we have any places or spaces in our community that are important to local people?

Assets of community value (ACVs) can only be nominated if they are of interest socially (such as for sport, culture or recreational uses) or increase the wellbeing of the community now and into the future.

A community group (such as society, parish council, Neighbourhood forum, not for profit organisation or a group of at least 21 individuals) that is locally connected to the area can nominate an asset to the local authority.

If an asset is listed, then it comes up for sale, the community has the opportunity to bid for it. The community will have up to six months to raise the funds, at the end of the period, the owner may sell it to whoever and at whatever price they choose.

There are case studies on the internet ( and you may well have read of saving local shops/pubs etc. in the national press.

So – is there an asset you would wish to retain in the village?

Please send your suggestions to the parish office.