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A General Election has been called for 4 July 2024. 

Here are the deadlines you need to know:

📅 18 June: Register to vote by 11:59pm

📅 19 June: Apply for postal vote by 5pm

📅 26 June: Apply for proxy vote or free voter ID by 5pm


Two weeks to go to register to vote

You do not need to re-register to vote for each election. If you voted in the last elections and nothing has changed (such as you haven’t moved house), then you do not need to do anything.

If you are not registered to vote, or something has changed since you last voted, you can register to vote online.

The deadline to register to vote for the general election is midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2024.

Applying for a postal vote

If you are going to be away, or can’t get to your polling station on 4 July 2024, you can apply to vote by post or by proxy.

If you apply to vote by post, we will send your ballot papers to you by post. You must return your ballot paper by 10pm on election day. You can send your vote back to us by post or deliver it to us by hand. We will send out postal votes from around 14 June 2024.

You can apply for a postal vote online. You must send your applications to us before 5pm on Wednesday 19 June

Applying for a proxy vote

If you apply for a proxy vote, you can appoint someone else to cast your vote for you. This should be a friend or family member that you trust.

You can apply for a proxy vote before 5pm on Wednesday 26 June

Don’t forget photo ID

Don’t forget, you will also need to show eligible photo ID to vote in this election.

No ID? You can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June