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How in the next twenty years can Ingatestone and Fryerning establish environmental priorities to prepare itself for the changes needed needed to combat climate change and live within the environmental limits of the planet? There are a number of key issues that we need as a community to consider:

  • Can we encourage shopping locally and encourage the sale of local produce?
  • Can we reduce our single use plastic and reduce the impact of litter in our villages?
  • Can we increase our levels of recycling and lobby to keep the recycling centre adjacent to the parish?
  • Can we encourage energy efficient and sustainable development that does not infringe on green belt or agricultural land and so ensure that any development reinforces and enhances the character of Ingatestone?
  • Can we ensure that new housing meets high environmental standards ideally carbon neutral?
  • Can we encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport that will improve safety for pedestrians especially children, disabled persons, and elderly residents?
  • Can we encourage the use of allotments and ensure that there is an adequate supply 
  • Can we encourage car sharing to reduce emissions & pressure on car parking? Looking ahead to the provision of recharging points in car parks as electric vehicles become more common in the years leading up to 2040.
  • Can we ensure regular monitoring of air pollution especially in areas close to the A12 (likely to be expanded by 2040), adjacent to our infant and junior schools?
  • Can we campaign to maintain and improve local bus services and see the introduction of late night trains from Chelmsford?