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In the Local Development Plan (LDP) prepared by Brentwood Borough Council, that could become the statutory planning instrument next spring, a site for some 57 housing units has been identified close to the slip road from the A12.

In anticipation that this land will no longer be designated as ‘green belt’ if the LDP is agreed, the owner of the land and a property developer have begun to sketch out some ideas.

There is no doubt from the evidence gathered by the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee, that our parish is in need of affordable and smaller homes for some of our older residents to consider for ‘downsizing’. 

Our neighbourhood plan housing policy suggests that we approve the      borough-wide affordable housing requirement of 35 per cent for all proposals of 11 or more (net) units and that the design, style and density of new housing are in keeping with the character of the parish and the rural environment, that it is sustainable, free from flood risk and includes adequate parking provision and appropriate landscaping.

We have had an initial discussion with the prospective developer to ensure they take accounts of our residents’ views, and this is the time to exert our influence.