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In response to many appeals from residents to tackle speeding through the villages, a Community Speed Watch group is being established.

What is CSW?

The Community Speed Watch initiative allows members of the community to address speeding issues by becoming actively involved in road safety, using speed detection equipment to monitor speeds from safe locations.

Whilst all of the road safety partners are working together to achieve casualty reduction targets and reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads we cannot expect police officers to carry out enforcement checks in every community on a regular basis. This is where Community Speed Watch can help by working with the partnership.

The partnership aim is NOT to catch as many speeding drivers as possible but to raise awareness that excessive speeds are socially unacceptable. We aim to reduce speed in areas of concern and address issues from communities by raising awareness,

Every CSW location for monitoring will have been chosen by the Community.  Each site will then be risk assessed, which will include the safe positioning for the signs used during monitoring.

The data collected by the CSW informs the partners in the Safer Essex Roads Partnership who contact offenders and decide on other measures to improve safety.

Locally we called for volunteers to start a group, and some residents have stepped forward and undergone the training.  A minimum of three people will go out at any one time on an agreed programme of monitoring.

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer – any time you can give is valuable!