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Family Mosaic has moved into the Brentwood Borough Council Town Hall Hub to offer residents help with housing matters, finding work, money issues, and budgeting advice.

Family Mosaic’s Charlie West, who will be on hand every Wednesday from 2pm-5pm in the foyer of the Town Hall to support Brentwood residents, said: “We are delighted to be here as it means we can be easily available to those who need our help. Being right in the heart of the council makes it easier to liaise directly with all the services we like to tap into for our clients.”

Councillor Louise McKinlay, Leader of the Council added, “We are delighted to host Family Mosaic in our new Town Hall Hub, where this valuable service is most welcome. It’s a great step forward with our plans to reinvigorate the Town Hall as an active and accessible space that works for everyone. This is exactly what this building should be used for, and with groups like Family Mosaic moving in, more residents are able to access more services.”

Family Mosaic supports and directly helps families and individuals through tough times which reduces the stress for everyone and gives them the breathing space to address the problems they have. Charlie West said: “I have clients from all walks of life and they know I am there for as long as it takes for them to get back on their feet. The earlier people come to us the quicker we can get on board with the authorities, get something sorted out and cut the cost for everyone. So I am really looking forward to meeting people on Wednesday and hope people will pop in to see what we have to offer.”