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Brentwood Borough Council is to offer its residents a reduction on the car park charge for a two hour period taking the cost from £2 to £1.40.

The new scheme will see residents awarded a Council certified car park disc which will be displayed alongside the discounted ticket inside the vehicle. The decision to offer the reduction comes after a review into the car park charges across the Borough.

Leader, Cllr Louise McKinlay said: “The new car park disc provides residents with a great opportunity to minimize the cost of parking, but this needs to be balanced against the cost of maintaining the car parks. For the last seven years, not only has there been no increase to the car parking charges, but we have actually reduced the cost of parking, whilst also introducing a free 30 minute period, which is set to remain. However, we have to be realistic and the cost of maintaining the car parks and running the parking service, has increased. We also want to invest more on better signage, new surfaces and improved lighting together with updated CCTV and this all costs. To ensure best value and address these rising expenses a range of new tariffs have been considered and following comparisons with neighbouring authorities including Epping, Romford, Chelmsford and Basildon, these are set to be introduced in the Autumn. 

 “It is all about balance. We need to encourage visitors to the area of course, whilst protecting our own residents’ and businesses’ needs and requirements. As a result some car parking tariffs are remaining whilst others will increase marginally, with the 1 hour fee of £1 remaining and £2.90 ticket for 3 hours rising to just £3. The 6 hour and all day price remains unchanged at £8 which is highly competitive and still offers very good value for money.” 

The new charges will be introduced following a 21 day consultation period at which point residents will be given more details on how to apply for their Car Park Disc.


*** There are more than 1,500 off street car parking spaces within the Council operated car parks

*** A full car parking strategy is taking place which will be presented to Council in September

*** The average length of stay in the car parks is up to 2 hours

*** Free parking provision in Shenfield (Hunter Avenue and Friars Avenue) will continue during the Crossrail works

*** Resident parking overnight and Saturday and Sunday is to be launched in Westbury Road

*** Visitors permits are to be introduced at Gibraltar House and Mayflower House