Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council has been received a prestigious award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme

Parish Council Documents

Please see the links below for the Register of Interests for individual Parish Councillors, Terms of Reference for the Committees and non-financial Policies

Action Plan (review May 2021)

Asset Register (review May 2021)

Brentwood Borough Council Local Development Plan

Brentwood Borough Council Playing Pitch Strategy

Brentwood Borough Council Sport, Leisure and Open Space Assessment

Brentwood Borough Council Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Brentwood Parking Strategy

Co-option of Councillors (review April 2021)

Code for Sustainable Homes

Code of Conduct 2019 (review May 2021)

Communications and Social Media Policy (review May 2020)

Community Engagement policy (review May 2020)

Complaints Procedure (review May 2021)

COVID-19 Community Booklet

COVID-19 Support Grant

Election information guide

Equal Opportunities policy (review February 2021)

Essex County Council Public Right of Way Improvement Plan

Freedom of Information Policy (review May 2021)

Freedom of Information Policy - Publication scheme (review May 2021)

GDPR - Data protection policy 2020 (review March 2021)

GDPR - Document retention policy 2020 (review March 2021)

GDPR - General privacy notice (review May 2020)

Grant Policy (review December 2020)

Health and Safety policy (review February 2021)

IFPC Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2033

Ingatestone & Fryerning Business Summary

Parish Questionnaire Results 2016

Register of Interests - Caroline Russell

Register of Interests - Darryl Sankey