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Broomfield Hospital New Park and Ride Shuttle Bus

A new shuttle bus service was launched on the 30th November linking Chelmer Valley Park and Ride car park and Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

The single deck bus runs every half hour between the two sites offering an easy and reliable service for those visiting the hospital.

The service costs just £3 per adult passenger and includes unlimited travel for the day on all other Chelmsford Park and Ride services (Sandon and Chelmer Valley). Free travel is open to concessionary pass holders after 9am. 

Cllr Kay Twitchen, Essex County Council Deputy Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Environment, said: “There is high demand for parking at Broomfield Hospital, and we have capacity at Chelmer Valley Park and Ride. The service will be run for a year.  Continuation after that will be dependent on usage, so I would urge people to take advantage of this unique service if they want to keep it.

“The primary focus of our Park and Ride car parks is to provide parking for shoppers and commuters in the city centre, but it makes sense in this case to accommodate the Trust’s request to run a shuttle bus from the car park to Broomfield, as part of their travel plan. 

“We’re pleased to be working with Mid Essex Hospitals Trust to improve parking and transportation for patients, staff and visitors at Broomfield Hospital.”

From Chelmer Valley, the first bus will leave at 06.37, running every 30 minutes at 07 and 37 past the hour until 17.07 with the last two buses departing at 17.47 and 18.25.

The return journey from Broomfield Hospital will start at 06.50, running every 30 minutes at 20 and 50 past each hour up till 17.20. The last buses will depart at 18.00 and 18.40.

The journey time is 10 minutes each way.

Carin Charlton, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust Executive Director of Strategy and Corporate Services, said:  "Mid Essex Hospitals is pleased that the County Council has approved this pilot project. Broomfield Hospital is fortunate to have a number of regular and reliable bus services for patients and visitors coming from across Essex, and this will be a welcome addition to these services for patients, visitors and staff.  

 “This new route has been made possible by the close working between the Trust and the County Council, and we are pleased that monies we contributed to transport infrastructure as part of our town and country planning obligations have been invested in this way to directly benefit the patients, visitors and staff to our hospital.  

 “The Trust is very mindful about sustainability and the environment and its role in the community and is pleased to support projects that promote more sustainable travel to and from our hospital site."

Pump Hunt for Sewerage Station Owners

  • Thames Water to take on the responsibility of 4,000 sewage pumping stations from property owners and managers
  • Utility will take over electricity and maintenance costs under new legislation, potentially saving customers thousands of pounds
  • Firm appeals for help tracking 1,800 ‘missing’ stations

Thames Water is appealing to customers to help identify privately owned sewage pumping stations.

The utility, which serves 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley, will take responsibility for around 4,000 pumping in October 2016, but needs to track down 1,800 currently off its radar.

New legislation means sewage pumping stations, which power wastewater away from properties and out into the public sewer pipe network, currently owned and maintained by customers will become legally owned and operated by the local water company.


The pumping stations are found in all shapes and sizes, and can be in places where there are a number of properties needing to connect to the public sewer network. Customers will know they have one as they’ll be paying to maintain and power them.


 Jerry White, of Thames Water, said: “This is really good news for customers. We’d urge anyone who thinks they may have one to get in touch so we can check they are eligible for the transfer of ownership. In some cases, as well as electricity savings, maintaining and replacing pumps can cost thousands of pounds so it’s an excellent deal for them.

 “We believe we know where approximately half of the stations we need to take over are, but really need help to find the other 1,800. Please get in touch if you think this applies to you and we can take on the responsibility forever.”

Anyone with a private pumping station can make Thames Water aware at


Warning about cold caller claiming to survey on behalf of Council

Brentwood Borough Council are concerned by messages it has received regarding a person who has been doorstep cold calling residents in the Warley area in the evening.

It has been reported to us that on Tuesday night, a man was knocking on doors claiming he was carrying out a resident survey on behalf of Brentwood Borough Council. He quickly waved an unidentifiable badge before going on to ask for personal information. 

The Leader of Brentwood Borough Council, Councillor Louise McKinlay said: “Although we have only had a couple of messages from residents who were concerned after they were visited by the cold caller - we suspect they are not alone. I would like to warn residents that we are not currently carrying out a residents survey and if we were, we would always do some publicity first to raise awareness. Please do not give your personal details, or any details, to the person currently doorstep cold calling claiming to be doing a survey on our behalf”. 

If residents are visited by this doorstep cold caller claiming to be working on behalf of the Council and asking for personal information, we would advise you to contact us on 01277 312500 with details so we can investigate further.



New Swings for the Younger Children's playground

A new set of swings for the Younger Children's playground are being installed today.

It was decided that the previous red swings, that had been on site for decades, were at the end of their life after serving generations of parishioners.

The new swings are being installed by Wicksteed Leisure and will be available to use shortly.  


New Swings for the Younger Children's playground

New website is live today!

The new website for the Ingatestone & Fryerning Parish Council is live now!

Please have a look and let us know what you think of it?

New website is live today!

Essex Rural Strategy consultation

Residents are being given the chance to share their views on the Essex Rural Strategy through a wide-reaching public consultation.

The Essex Rural Strategy sets out a vision for our rural areas to thrive.  The strategy seeks to provide a framework and aspirational goals to ensure that social, economic and environmental aspects of our rural villages and hinterland are offering the best possible place to live and work.  It will be used to influence local policy and guide the priorities and actions of those who deliver services in rural parts of the county.

The strategy was updated in 2009 to establish a new 10 year vision to 2020, with a five year strategy for 2010-2015.  We now need to review and update the strategy and publish a new Rural Strategy for Essex by early 2016.

Residents will have until Friday 4th December 2015 to share their views by completing an online form

All Essex residents can take part in the consultation but we are particularly seeking views from people who live, work or own businesses in rural areas and those who visit rural areas for recreation or access to services.

The Essex Rural Strategy is woned by the Essex Rural Partnership which is made up of a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations.  For more information, visit



Essex Rural Strategy consultation

New zip wire, swing and shelter for Fairfield

The Parish Council are having a new zip wire, basket swing and teenage shelter installed at the skate park in Fairfield.

Following submissions by five play equipment installers, Play and Leisure Ltd were chosen on the basis of price and excellent references from Birmingham City Council.

The total cost for the new equipment is in the region of £18,000 but the Parish Council successfully applied for part funding from Essex County Council's Community Initiatives Fund and will receive £8,000 towards the total cost.

The installation of the new play equipment is planned for the beginning of October 2015 and the site will be closed for approximately 1 week.

It is hoped that the siting of the zip wire and basket swing will encourage younger children to use the site as well as teenagers.


New zip wire, swing and shelter for Fairfield