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Wasted GP Appointments

Did you know that more than 12,000 GP appointments are wasted every month across mid and south Essex?

An estimated 450 hours of GP appointment time per month are going to waste in Basildon and Brentwood alone.

The knock on effect of someone missing their appointment is that some patients who cannot see their GP choose to go to A&E instead and this puts pressure on our hospitals.

There are now many ways of cancelling an appointment, via online services,
telephone and even by text in some areas.


  • Make sure you make a note of your appointment either in a diary, calendar or on your smart phone and ideally set yourself a reminder
  • Register for online services, speak to your GP practice about how to do this –
    appointments can be easily cancelled at the touch of a button 24/7
  • Ask your GP practice if they have a text message reminder service













Playground Working Party first meeting invitation

Calling all parents and interested individuals!

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council want to create a working group to discuss the future provision of play equipment for young children in the village. We want to work with the people of the village to create solutions that will increase the activities available to those with young children.

So if you would like to contribute and help decide the future provision of playgrounds in the parish, please come to the library at 7.30pm on Thursday 27th April to take part in discussion.

In order to gauge numbers, it would be appreciated if you could let the Clerk know if you are planning to attend on 01277 353315 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council coordinates major improvements to Fairfield Pond

Press release March 2017 
Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council (IFPC) is pleased to announce key developments to Fairfield Pond, which will be completed this spring.
Fairfield is an area of recreational green space, located in the heart of Ingatestone village, which is leased and maintained by IFPC. It is a hub of local activity, enjoyed by children of all ages, families and dog walkers and has been home to Ingatestone and Fryerning Cricket Club for over 150 years.
Fairfield is an important part of the village’s heritage. The area dates back to the 16th century when it was owned by Barking Abbey and used for grazing livestock. The land was sold to the Petre family during the Dissolution of the Monasteries and remains in their ownership today. The developments to Fairfield Pond are led by the IFPC’s Churchyards and Environment Committee and have been made possible with funding from Essex County Council’s Community Initiatives Fund (CIF). Work includes flattening the pond’s silt, removing fencing, seeding and introducing native pond plants to encourage wildlife. Finishing touches to the area includes three new benches, bins, a colourful new picnic table built from recycled plastic and an illustrated information board charting Fairfield’s natural history. These are funded with grants from Essex Heritage Trust.
IFPC chairperson, Cllr Paul Jeater comments: “In 2016 Fairfield Pond was in poor shape. It was silted up, prone to flooding in winter and there was a nettle bed which was growing out of control. The parish council sought grant aid from the Essex County Council CIF and set about the major task of restoring it. “By this summer, the pond will once again be an enjoyable feature of village life. An information board, new benches and bins will be in place courtesy of the Essex Heritage Fund and, for the first time in many years, it will be possible to walk right around the pond.”
For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./01277 353315.








Fitness in Mind initiative

Fitness In Mind™ Does Brentwood

Our Fitness In Mind™ Brentwood course supports individuals into physical activity, helping them to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle for both body and mind.

"Coming together with like-minded people really helped my anxiety. It got me through a difficult time in my life" - Brentwood Member

Over a period of twelve weeks, you will receive access to our exclusive classes run by our professional and supportive team of experts. We will greet you at the door to help relieve any anxiety. We will support you physically and emotionally throughout the class. We will be there to talk to you and take one small step at a time. It's completely free to take part, and we will be there to support you and help in whatever way we can.

Fitness In Mind™ Brentwood provides a unique environment where physical activity and peer support work together to improve your wellbeing through fun and social activity.

Sign up for your fully funded 12 week course - worth £360!

Who can attend?

The course is for everyone aged 16 and upwards, and you don’t need any level of fitness to take part. Why not check out what our members have said about the course by clicking here

What classes are available?

The course has something for everyone, and you can choose to attend as many of the classes as you like. Why not check out what classes are currently available by clicking here

Where are classes held?

The classes are held at The Brentwood Centre on Doddinghurst Road, where our team are ready to support you. Why not check out the Centre's facilities and accessibility by clicking here

Want to know more about the course?

Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a ring on 01277 246057 where one of us will be more than happy to give you further Information.

The course is fully funded by Fitness In Mind™ Brentwood and Sport England. The course is valued at £360 per person, although with funding we are able to offer this course for free. We reserve the right to ask participants to seek medical advice before starting a course.













Police and Crime Commissioner's public consultation launched today

The people of Essex are being urged to have their say, in the potential change in the way Essex Police and Essex County Fire & Rescue Service is governed, through a 12 week consultation that starts today (Thursday 16th February) and ends on Wednesday 10th May.

The new Policing and Crime Act 2017 offers the opportunity to transform local fire and rescue governance, enabling police and crime commissioners to become the fire and rescue authority where a strong local case is made. The Government has also created a statutory duty to collaborate.

Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst said: “Together we have developed a local case for Essex to strengthen our emergency services, improve joint working and deliver significant savings. We have an opportunity to share knowledge; back office services; make better use of estates, and help protect vulnerable people in joined-up ways. The resources freed up by this would be reinvested in front line services and enable both emergency services to better protect the people of Essex.”

This new duty requires emergency services to keep collaboration opportunities under review and to take on collaboration opportunities where it would be in the interests of efficiency and effectiveness to do so.

To give your views, please visit or contact the Office of Police Crime Commissioner by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .











Brentwood Borough Council Housing Strategy Consultation

Residents have the chance to influence the new proposed Housing Strategy by telling the council what it would like to see happen in the borough. Countrywide there is a shortage of housing stock in the private, rented, and public sector and Brentwood is affected with the need to built 233 new homes per year to meet the growing need for accommodation.

The consultation is open until February 28 and covers:

The Housing Strategy 2017-2020 which incorporates;

*** Homelessness Prevention Strategy

*** Tenancy Strategy

These core documents outline the broad approach to how the Council and Registered Providers (of social housing) will be seeking to provide housing and housing related services.

Chair of the Environment and Housing Management Committee, Cllr Chris Hossack said: "The council is not looking to produce a ‘one size fits all’ service but rather to offer a full range of community solutions. This is the opportunity for our residents to say how they want housing to be developed, what type of sheltered housing should be considered and what options for homeless should be pursued – the online form is straightforward and easy to complete in a matter of minutes and I would appeal to everyone to make the most of this by filling in their preferences. We take your views seriously and they will all be put forward to the Council Committees before the final draft strategy can be signed off."

Did you know:

** Some 73,500 live in the borough

** 80% of residents own their own home but 20% need other options.

** New council properties are being built at Fawsters Close, which will provide sheltered housing,  and Magdalen Gardens where family homes will be constructed.

** Leasehold charges are being reviewed by a Councillor-led working group

** A new housing portal is being planned that will allow everyone to access rent management and repairs services 24/7

** Over the next three years the concept of Sheltered Accommodation will also be rebranded and remodelled as a

Community Living scheme.

** Consideration is being given to Special Unit Projects cover mixed developments where those working and those seeking work will be able to live on subsidised rents offering a potential route for younger residents to start achieving their goals in life.

** The Fielding Way Depot in Hutton could be redeveloped or leased out commercially and the remit for so-called "affordable housing" needs to be widened out to include shared ownership, shared equity, new builds and possible options outside the borough.

** Proposals include an "Affordable Housing Register" with a separate allocation policy and application process through to eco-home modular housing. In short – all options are being considered.

The Housing Strategy will go before the Environment and Housing Committee on March 8.











Civic Awards nominations now open

Do you know someone who works tirelessly to make a difference in our community?

The Civic Awards are an opportunity to officially recognise the commitment and hard work of the most deserving people in the Borough.

They honour the efforts and achievements of local people and organisations who have strived to make Brentwood a better place to live and work.

The awards are being held to celebrate the countless hours of commitment demonstrated by the many local people who dedicate themselves to helping others.

The awards are given to those for their 'service to the community' or for their 'lifetime achievement'. It could be an individual or a group who have made a real difference to the local community. Anyone who lives or works in Brentwood can be nominated.

For the Service to the Community category you may want to nominate someone you work with, a family member or your neighbour. They may be an unsung hero who volunteers their free time, works in the community, or they could have done something exceptional. The category is not restricted by age, so it could be a young person who has been caring for their family member, or someone who has spent their time helping others without expecting anything in return. It's also the second year the awards have been opened up to groups to be included in the Service to the Community category, who may be nominated for the exceptional work they have done. 

The second category is the Lifetime Achievement award for someone who has made a difference in Brentwood over a considerable amount of time and deserves recognition for what they have accomplished.

The nominations will be judged by a panel of judges, including the Mayor of Brentwood.

Mayor of Brentwood, Councillor Noelle Hones, said: "It is clear that in Brentwood there is no shortage of dedicated individuals and groups who give their time for worthy causes. They put in a huge amount of effort into making other people's lives better.

It is important that we as a community say thank you to those who give so much and recognise all that they do."

To assist the judging panel, please ensure you include as much detail as possible when nominating with examples of what the individual or group have done in the community.

To nominate someone to be considered for an award you can collect a form from the reception at the Town Hall, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, or fill in the short form available at, or search Civic Awards on the Brentwood Borough Council website

The deadline for submissions is Friday 3rd March 2017 and a judging panel will consider all nominations in mid March 2017.

The awards will be presented on Friday 7th April at the Civic Dinner.








Bogus Police in the area

A group of males have recently been involved in committing distraction burglaries in the Basildon, Brentwood and Thurrock areas, by posing as Police Officers.

They have fake but very convincing Essex Police Identity Cards and use these to trick and scam their way into vulnerable people's homes with the intent to steal cash and valuables. They have to date mainly been concentrating on elderly females, but everyone is at risk.

If anyone calls at your property posing as a police officer please do not let them in without first checking their identity. Please telephone 101 to verify that the person at your door is a bona-fide officer.

Best advice is not to open the door to anyone you do not know or are not expecting. A good tip is to open an upstairs window if possible and speak to the caller, asking their details, before opening the door until you are certain who they are. If you mention that you are going to call the police to verify their identity, a valid police officer will be happy to wait whereas it is likely that a bogus caller will disappear quickly. Please try and note a brief description of the person at the door and give this to the police if the caller proves not to be a bona-fide officer.

Other types of bogus caller also pretend to be from utility companies or similar organisations. The above advice applies in all cases. Some general advice is given below:

General advice:

  • Representatives from water, gas and electric companies rarely visit without appointments. Genuine callers make appointments in advance and will always be happy to wait while you check their identity.  Some utility companies now also operate a password scheme for extra security – please call your provider for details.
  • Police or bank officials would never visit you or call you by telephone and ask for your bank details or ask you to withdraw large sums of cash.
  • Be wary of strangers who call unexpectedly. If in doubt keep them out!
  • Bogus callers succeed because they're believable - they're well practised and will have a convincing story and set of excuses ready. 
  • Next time the doorbell rings remember – check before you open the door.

Who to call:

If you suspect you, or someone you know has been visited by a bogus caller please call the Police as soon as possible - you may well prevent other crimes occurring.

In an emergency dial 999, otherwise report incidents to Essex Police on 101.

You can also report any crimes or incidents free and anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

If you have been sold shoddy products or bought overpriced goods at the door you can report this to Consumer Direct on 03454 04 05 06















Save money on your energy bills with the energy switch scheme

Brentwood Borough Council is inviting residents to sign up to a mass energy switch scheme to save money on their fuel bills this winter.

The Essex County Council scheme run in partnership with iChoosr and supported by local councils is aimed at bringing large groups of residents together to switch energy providers in order to save money.

Energy companies will then bid to offer the lowest tariff to customers. Residents have until February 14, 2017 to register their interest in switching energy providers - without any obligation to change providers. Once registration closes, energy providers will bid against one another to offer the best prices. 

There's no cost to register and it is a completely free, easy, safe and secure way to cut energy bills without wasting time hunting for the best offer.

Anyone who pays an energy bill can register without any obligation. As well as homeowners, this includes tenants and customers on pre-payment meters. Small and medium sized businesses will also be assisted through energy purchasing advice.

Brentwood Borough Council's Chair of the Community, Health and Leisure Committee, Councillor Keith Parker, said: "We fully support this scheme and we want to do what we can to help residents and businesses to keep their energy costs as low as possible and to save money.

It's a great opportunity for busy people who do not have the time to hunt around for the best offer. If you do register for the Energy Switch you are not obligated to switch providers.

To find out more and register for the Essex Energy Switch go to:






Pharmacy opening times and health advice this Christmas

Doctors in Basildon and Brentwood are encouraging people to plan their healthcare during the festive season.

With advice on common illnesses and the best medicines to treat them, popping along to your local pharmacist at the first sign of illness can help you feel better fast.

Please order and collect any repeat prescriptions in plenty of time – but check your medicine cabinet before ordering and don’t pick up any medication you don’t need.

Although the majority of pharmacies will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the Bank Holidays on Tuesday 27 December and Monday January 2, the following will be open for some of the time:


Christmas Day, Sunday 25 December 2016

Benfleet: Daynite Pharmacy 261 London Road, Hadleigh SS7 2BN - 09:00 15:00

Chelmsford: Colecross Pharmacy 1 Hylands Parade, Wood Street CM2 8BW -  10:00 15:00

Corringham: Allcures Pharmacy 19 - 21 Lampits Hill SS17 9AA -  10:00 14:00

Great Dunmow: Ropers the Chemist 3-5 High Street CM6 1AB - 11:00 12:00

Harlow: Harlow Pharmacy Wych Elm, Hamstel Road CM20 1QR -  09:00 20:00

Langdon Hills: Great Berry Pharmacy Great Berry Centre, Unit 4, Nightingales SS16 6SA -  10:00-13:00 17:00-20:00

North Weald: North Weald Chemist 48 High Road CM16 6BU -  11:00 13:00

Rayleigh: Hambro pharmacy 53a Hullbridge Road SS6 9NL -  10:00 16:00

South Woodham Ferrers: Govani Chemist 14 Queen Elisabeth Square CM6 1AB -  10:00 12:00


Boxing Day, Monday 26 December 2016

Basildon: Boots Pharmacy 25 Town Square SS14 1BA - 08:30 17:30

Basildon: Boots Pharmacy Unit 6B Mayflower Retail Park SS14 3HZ -  10:00 17:00

Billericay: Boots Pharmacy 10-11 The Pantiles, Queens Park Avenue CM12 0UA - 09:00 17:30

Billericay: Boots Pharmacy 64-66 High Street CM12 9BS -  10:00 16:00

Brentwood: Boots Pharmacy 51 High Street CM14 4RH - 08:30 18:00


Bank Holiday, Tuesday 27 December 2016

Basildon: Boots Pharmacy 25 Town Square SS14 1BA -  08:30 17:30

Basildon: Boots Pharmacy Unit 6B Mayflower Retail Park SS14 3HZ -  10:00 17:00

Billericay: Boots Pharmacy 64-66 High Street CM12 9BS -  10:00 16:00

Brentwood: Boots Pharmacy 51 High Street CM14 4RH -  08:30 18:00


Bank Holiday, Monday 2 January 2017

Basildon: Boots Pharmacy 25 Town Square SS14 1BA 08:30 17:30

Basildon: Boots Pharmacy Unit 6B Mayflower Retail Park SS14 3HZ 10:00 17:00

Billericay: Boots Pharmacy 64-66 High Street CM12 9BS 10:00 16:00

Brentwood: Boots Pharmacy 51 High Street CM14 4RH 08:30 18:00

Pitsea: Boots Pharmacy 8 Northlands Pavement SS13 3DU 10:00 16:00


Our Christmas pharmacy opening hours poster to print and put on your fridge is available at can also download the full lists of Christmas pharmacy opening hours for West, South East and South West Essex and Mid and North East Essex on the Basildon and Brentwood CCG website.

NHS 111 is the number to call if you need health advice or support this Christmas.

The NHS Choices website provides a symptom checker and information on how best to treat a wide range of less urgent problems.

Orsett Minor Injuries Unit, Rowley Road, Orsett RM16 3EU is open from 10am-7.30pm, Monday to Sunday (closed at 6.30pm on last Thursday of each month for team meeting. Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day). For more information see

We would remind everyone that hospital A&E departments are for serious and life-threatening injuries and conditions only. If you are in any doubt, please call NHS 111 – calls are answered by trained advisors who will assess your symptoms and direct you to the appropriate source of support.