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IFPC assists in community mural

Earlier this year the Economic Development Working Group met with Brentwood Borough Council to discuss local community projects that could be financed through the Welcome Back fund. A number of projects were curated including an art project involving sixth form Anglo European students.

The students were given the title 'Hidden Figures' to inspire a piece of work that bring hidden figures to attention. The students created a number of pieces of artwork that are being displayed at both the school and the Market Place bus shelter. 

The community mural was officially unveiled at a launch event at the bus shelter on 7 December 2021. Head girl and deputy head girl, Anoushka and Yana spoke at the unveiling about the importance of diversity in our community. 

Anoushka said "If the past few years have proven anything, it is that teamwork and solidarity conquers all. That is what the artwork means to us, coming together as one."

We would like to congratulate both the students at Anglo European School for being a credit to their school and our community. 

IFPC assists in community mural

New local transport consultation

Parish council chair, Cllr Jeater reported at December's full council meeting that he had received correspondence from a resident with feedback about the First Bus 351 service.

The resident has written to First Bus with concerns about an apparent reduced service. First Bus responded in regard to the reduction of services citing a 'commercial decision' and additional factors, including a lack of drivers.

Since the meeting, Transport East has launched a public consultation on a new regional transport strategy. IFPC urges residents to respond to this consultation to reaffirm the importance that bus services have in our local communities. The consultation opened on Thursday 2 December 2021 and will run until Sunday 30 January 2022. 

If you would like to find out more about the consultation and see how you can read the strategy and respond, please visit Public Consultation- Transport East.

New local transport consultation

Proposed plans for library service

Essex County Council have announced that it is looking for public comment on a new draft plan for the county's library service. 

The draft plan focuses on three key aims which include library service and literacy, infrastructure and communications, supporting our communities and levelling up.

The plan is proposed to run from 2022-2026 and has promised to keep all 74 libraries in the county open. If you would like to find out all the information about the plan, how you can read it and how you can comment, please visit


Proposed plans for library service

IFPC tackles air pollution

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council will be working on tackling the vital issue of air pollution in 2022.

The Climate Change Emergency Working Group has been working on a number of new projects in the past year, including the creation of a new community garden on the footpath leading down to Ingatestone train station from Fairfield. 

In the last meeting, the group spoke about the issues surrounding air pollution and quality in the parish and, in particular, the current lack of emissions monitoring. The group identified this as being a key issue, as there is not yet a benchmark to help create a plan and reduce emissions as a community. 

It is hoped that there will be future projects run by the parish council and Anglo European School, following the success of the first school's climate conference. 



IFPC tackles air pollution

IFPC sets out action plan

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council will commence works on projects upcoming in the next financial year. The action plan is reviewed annually to accurately reflect the aims and objectives of the council.

IFPC will continue to assist Greater Anglia and the Railway Heritage Trust with the renovation works of the Signalman's Cottage at Ingatestone train station and develop a local museum once the works are completed.

We can also announce that investigations will commence into the installation of a new floodlit 3G sports pitch in order to assist further with the development of sport in the local area. The council will look to obtain funding and planning permission in 2022.

IFPC hope that the Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted formally this year through referendum, the plan is currently at Regulation Stage 15 where it is available to the public to read:

In 2021, our Health and Wellbeing, Climate and Emergency and Economic Development working groups will focus on key projects. The Economic Development Working Group will investigate bringing a farmers market to the villages this year, as well as connecting with local businesses together to identify areas of improvement. 

The Health and Wellbeing group will continue to work towards becoming a dementia friendly village, as well as work to reduce social isolation and loneliness in identified groups by co-ordinating events.

The Climate Emergency working group will work with the local community to implement a climate emergency plan and will work on creating more refill and tree planting schemes. 

If you would like to be involved in any of the projects, please contact the office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01277 676759.



IFPC sets out action plan

IFPC co-opt new coucnillors

On Monday 20 September 2021, the parish council welcomed three new councillors to fill our vacancies. We now have 15 parish councillors. Candidates were given a brief interview and then councillors voted on whether to co-opt the candidates onto the council. We are delighted to welcome Amy Farrant, Lee Emmett and Rawnie Whittow-Williams.

Cllr Farrant said "My expertise lies in communications having over 20 years experience in the industry in particular working in advertising and events. Being on the Comms Committee seems like the natural fit for me but I am also keen to learn about other areas of the council too."

Cllr Emmett said "My work with the general public in government institutions should help me in my role with the parish council. I am currently on the Facilities Committee and I am looking forward to the challenges of the year to come."

Cllr Whittow-Williams said "I am extremely passionate about doing what I can do to provide the next generation with the same incredible local community that I had growing up here. By trade I am a sustainability professional and I hope to support the Climate Emergency working group and the Facilities Committee."


IFPC co-opt new coucnillors

New food support fund launches

Essex County Council has announced the launch of a new food support fund in association with Essex Association of Local Councils.

This new fund is available to support those in need in the community, including food banks, food pantries, community organisations, schools and voluntary groups.

Applications open today (10 December) and will remain open until Friday 25 February 2022. 

If you think your organisation may be eligible please fill out the application form: Food_Support_Fund-Application_Form_(Winter_2021-22).pdf.

You can also donate items to your local Brentwood food bank this Christmas at Ingatestone Parish Church, Fryerning Parish Church or Budgens supermarket. 

This useful document lists some recommended food items:

New food support fund launches

Proposed 20mph speed limit

IFPC have requested further information from Essex Highways regarding the proposed reduction in speed limit to 20mph on Ingatestone High Street and surrounding streets

The parish council are in favour of this planned reduction in the speed limit but would like to draw your attention to a number of concerns relating to the consultation and enforcement.

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council note in the letter that there has been consultation with the public and local elected members'. We would like to know when these consultations had taken place and with which elected members.

Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council would like to know what enforcement measures will be introduced when the scheme is installed. At the moment, the 20mph is not enforced and there are regular incidents of overtaking in the 20mph zone. The parish council are particularly interested in knowing how the speed in the High Street will be enforced, considering the narrowness of the road and the pavements and that it is a conservation area.


Proposed 20mph speed limit

IFPC's Neighbourhood Plan moves closer to completion


Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan has progressed to the next stage. On 24 November 2021,  councillors at the Brentwood Borough Council's Policy, Resources and Economic Development Committee voted unanimously to approve the formal submission of the Neighbourhood Plan (2020 - 2033) Regulation 15.  

Our councillor Jane Winter, who chairs the parish council's Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee, which prepared the Neighbourhood Plan, spoke of the level of community involvement in its production. Changes have taken place as part of the evidence gathering to create the policies in the text.

Please see the documents below if you would like to catch-up on the progress so far. 

Neighbourhood Plan - IFPC_NPlan_Jan2021_v7_LOWRES_pagenos12975.pdf (

Basic conditions statement- IFNP_Basic_Conditions_Statement_final-_nov_21.pdf (

Consultation statement-  Consultation_statement_Appendix_7_Reg_14_rep_review_v2.pdf (

PRED report-

Brentwood Borough Council have now launched a consultation to give residents the opportunity to read the document. Full details as to how you can read the document and submit comments can be found at:



IFPC's Neighbourhood Plan moves closer to completion

Christmas and wishing trees


Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council are pleased to fund the Christmas trees on Ingatestone High Street in addition to the Market Place tree.

The 46 smaller Christmas trees have been mounted along the length of the High Street above the shops for the past 23 years becoming a regular fixture for the Ingatestone winter street scene. We would like to thank JPB Landscapes and Spectrum Electrical for helping make the High Street so magical at Christmas time. 

The parish council also installed a 20ft Christmas Tree in the Market Place following the huge success of the inaugural tree in 2020. Children from both the junior school and the local brownies group were invited to decorate the tree with their own handmade baubles and pine cones, we would like to thank the children for their wonderfully creative designs. Additional thanks must also go to Kennady's who granted the council access to their electricity supply to light the tree.

Along with the traditional Christmas tree in Ingatestone Market Place, this year there will also be a 'wishing tree'. The wishing tree is to help the Carers of Home Instead and the families of SNAP charity. 

The wishing tree will have baubles on it, each one has a description of someone helping families, saying a Christmas gift they are wishing for. 

If you can please take a bauble, buy the gift and then return it and the wish tag to the Ginger Tree in an unsealed gift bag, no later than 14 December so that it can be delivered for Christmas. 

We would like to express thanks to our new councillor, Lee Emmett for creating the wishing tree. 


Christmas and wishing trees