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IFPC Neighbourhood Plan: Heritage

In this series of short articles we will be taking you through each section of the Neighbourhood Plan to discuss some of the key objectives we have identified across a number of local issues. 


Today, we will talk about the objectives the plan sets out to conserve and enhance the historic environment within the parish . The plan features an implementation strategy discussing how the objectives will be achieved 


The IFPC Neighbourhood Plan looks to support...

  • Development within conservation areas should demonstrate how the proposals will protect and where possible enhance, the character, appearance, setting and historical interest of the conservation area. 

  • Development proposals should seek to protect and where appropriate enhance, heritage assets within the parish. Development proposals which affect a designated or non-designated heritage asset should outline the historical significance of the asset and the local importance of asset to the character and appearance of Ingatestone and Fryerning and should clearly outline the impacts of the proposed development on the historical significance and local importance of the asset.

The policy for the IFPC Neighbourhood Plan has been shaped by you. But we need your help to continue to do so and reflect the opinions of the parish.

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IFPC Neighbourhood Plan: Heritage