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Have we got any assets of community value?

Do you think we have any places or spaces in our community that are important to local people?

Assets of community value (ACVs) can only be nominated if they are of interest socially (such as for sport, culture or recreational uses) or increase the wellbeing of the community now and into the future.

A community group (such as society, parish council, Neighbourhood forum, not for profit organisation or a group of at least 21 individuals) that is locally connected to the area can nominate an asset to the local authority.

If an asset is listed, then it comes up for sale, the community has the opportunity to bid for it. The community will have up to six months to raise the funds, at the end of the period, the owner may sell it to whoever and at whatever price they choose.

There are case studies on the internet ( and you may well have read of saving local shops/pubs etc. in the national press.

So - is there an asset you would wish to retain in the village?

Please send your suggestions to the parish office.

Have we got any assets of community value?

Parking inventory

The 2011 Census identified a population of 4,785 people living in 2,095 households in the parish, with over 3,026 or 1.44 cars per household, the majority kept in private driveways.


Commercial vehicles kept in the parish do not appear to be shown in the census data.


Designated car parks are at the railway station (267 spaces, pay-and-display) , the Community Club (73 p-a-d), Bell Mead (24 Free) and Market Place (20 Free). In total these provide 384 spaces. The station represents the great majority of the availability. Shopper's car parking behind the Co-Op and Budgens supermarkets provides 24 spaces, free to use but time-limited. Six locations totalling 67 spaces are controlled by resident permits Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.


Along the High Street there are about 30 designated spaces within 1-hour limits. The rest of the High Street is no-parking from 9am to 6pm. The situation in The Limes is unclear. Signage shows both sides as 'private' , but both sides are usually congested with vehicles and spaces turn over frequently. A number of residential roads have 1-hour restrictions at various times during the day, to deter all-day parking by commuters and others.


Around 170 spaces for the use of businesses were identified. This excluded supermarkets, schools and halls but included pubs and restaurants in the village centre. 

Environmental impact on the parish

How in the next twenty years can Ingatestone and Fryerning establish environmental priorities to prepare itself for the changes needed needed to combat climate change and live within the environmental limits of the planet? There are a number of key issues that we need as a community to consider:

  • Can we encourage shopping locally and encourage the sale of local produce?
  • Can we reduce our single use plastic and reduce the impact of litter in our villages?
  • Can we increase our levels of recycling and lobby to keep the recycling centre adjacent to the parish?
  • Can we encourage energy efficient and sustainable development that does not infringe on green belt or agricultural land and so ensure that any development reinforces and enhances the character of Ingatestone?
  • Can we ensure that new housing meets high environmental standards ideally carbon neutral?
  • Can we encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport that will improve safety for pedestrians especially children, disabled persons, and elderly residents?
  • Can we encourage the use of allotments and ensure that there is an adequate supply 
  • Can we encourage car sharing to reduce emissions & pressure on car parking? Looking ahead to the provision of recharging points in car parks as electric vehicles become more common in the years leading up to 2040.
  • Can we ensure regular monitoring of air pollution especially in areas close to the A12 (likely to be expanded by 2040), adjacent to our infant and junior schools?
  • Can we campaign to maintain and improve local bus services and see the introduction of late night trains from Chelmsford? 

Support for our businesses

We have established that within our community there are approximately 200 businesses.

We also know that within Brentwood's Local Development Plan a site has been earmarked for 'employment' to be developed in the next 1-5 years. This site is alongside the slip road from the A12.

We developed a questionnaire for the businesses to establish how we can help them remain here and prosper and are keen to work on solutions they identify.


Results have been returned and issues have been raised including:

  • Parking for both customers and employees
  • Skills defecits 
  • The shortage of affordable housing 
  • Mobile phone coverage 


As over 60% of respondents stated they wish to stay with us and expand we have been looking at innovative solutions to meet their needs.  



Support for our businesses

Our Vision Statement

The vision statement forms part of the production of the Neighbourhood Plan in that it encapsulates who we are, where we are and where we are going.


Your Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee (NPAC) comprising residents and councillors, meets at the Library monthly and is open to all residents. It has produced the vision statement below and would be interested to receive any comments that would make it more relevant to yourselves. 

Ingatestone and Fryerning aspire to thrive as vibrant and distinctive rural villages with easy access to fields and the countryside; to continue to respect and reflect the views of the communities, to evolve and expand whilst retaining their unique and distinctive character, and to provide a good quality of life for current and future generations of residents.

As residents and with our parish council, we will support this vision by:

  • Recognising and protecting the character and history of the neighbourhood area, its three conservation areas (High Street, Station Lane, Tor Bryan) listed buildings and sites
  • Supporting measured, proportionate, timely and sustainable development to meet local requirements, particularly those of our young people and older residents
  • Influence key 'age friendly' issues e.g. community safety, housing, planning, street lighting, green spaces, playing fields and parks, community centres, war memorials, seats and shelters, public toilets. 
  • Engaging residents, particularly older people in the creation of Neighbourhood networks, enabling action for safer, kinder, cleaner, inclusive, connected communities (online/offline)
  • Promote a flourishing local economy with a range of successful independent businesses 
  • Giving consideration to effective transport links, the staffed train station, the bus service and access routes for movement around the village of cyclists and pedestrians
  • Endorsing policies that have a positive effect on the environment, including those that remove or minimise flood risk, mitigate climate change, reduce or carbon footprint and minimise the impact of traffic to protect the quality of air within the parish



Our Vision Statement

Affordable Housing - What Chances!

Brentwood Borough Council has a Housing Strategy- based on government policy.

Within it lies a quota for ‘affordable housing’ of developments of over 11 housing units, of 35%.

The government definition is “social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market. Eligibility is determined with regard to local incomes and local house prices. Affordable housing should include provisions to remain at an affordable price for future eligible households or for subsidy to be recycled for alternative affordable housing provision.

There is a development site in the Local Development Plan, adjacent to the Ingatestone by-pass, part bounded by Roman Road, for some 40 units to be built. The parish council has expressed an interest in being involved at all stages with this site, and will be keen to see the 35% achieved, if not increased. We believe communities have the power to influence change.

We want to see any developments in the parish are designed to meet local needs. If you wish to help with this process and particularly have skills in this area, we would welcome your participation.

Affordable Housing - What Chances!

Ingatestone and Fryerning Neighbourhood Plan

We recently announced the intention to compile a Neighbourhood Plan by local residents and the parish council and to explain the purpose of this, namely: 

  • To set out a framework to guide residents, local authorities and developers on how the community wishes to manage and control future development in the parish over the next 15 years, along with its facilities, services and environment. This document is intended to be updated from time to time, as well as formally every five years.
  • To record the historical and existing status and nature of the community and its environment.
  • Establish an action plan that provides the community with a prioritised plan to improve its facilities, services and environment on a voluntary and assisted basis.

The Neighbourhood Plan therefore will:

  • Identify the main community issues and objectives for Ingatestone and Fryerning as a whole.
  • Make proposals for the development and use of land and allocates land for specific purposes.
  • Set out the community's policies for the management of development.
  • Provide an Action Plan that schedules a series of desired projects arising from the residents' vision for sustainable growth in the parish.

Since September 2017 Ingatestone and Fryerning Parish Council has begun the evidence gathering upon which the Neighbourhood Plan will be based.

A Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee (NPAC) has been set up, working with a 'project plan' to complete the plan in the Autumn of 2019, to coincide with the Local Development Plan produced by Brentwood Borough Council.

Working groups are being established and volunteers to join these are encouraged. Our residents have a lot of skills which will be useful to different elements of our plan. We want to make it as easy as possible for residents to engage with the plan, by creating topic based groups as the need arises. This prevents residents from having to make a wider commitment to the whole plan if they are not able, or do not wish to do so.

Our engagement with our community will be through these working groups who will gather evidence via questionnaires, focus groups, meetings with existing local groups, social media and individual interviews. These groups may include:

  • Primary and secondary school children
  • Young people (18-30)
  • Business owners/ local businesses
  • Commuters
  • Older residents
  • People employed in the parish 
  • Community groups and societies 
  • Families 
  • People with physical needs 
  • People with learning needs
  • Residents' associations 
  • Homeowners 
  • Tenants
  • Faith groups
  • Travellers
  • Farmers
  • Landowners and commissioners of service provided for residents

This initial information gathering phase will take place during the early months of 2018.

So far, some 12 residents have stepped forward to help. We need more. If you have an interest in joining in these discussions or wish to submit an opinion in any other way, please contact the parish office.



Ingatestone and Fryerning Neighbourhood Plan