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Neighbourhood Plan Key Documents

Health and Well-Being Working Group Terms of Reference 

H&WWG TOR 22.pdf

Climate Emergency Working Group Terms of Reference 

CEWG TOR 22.pdf

Economic Development Working Group Terms of Reference 

EDWG TOR 22.pdf

 Response to Inspectors questions from the letter dated 20/4/2022

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Regulation 16 Letter of Representation - Historic England 

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Regulation 16 Letter of Representation - National Highways, Norman M

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Regulation 16 Letter of Representation - Delafield J

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20/4/2022 IFPC Neighbourhood Plan Examiner procedural matters and questions

Examiner_Procedural_Matters_and_Questions_-_Ingatestone__Fryerning_NP_200422.pdf (

IFPC Neighbourhood Plan 2020-2033 

IFPC_Neighbourhood_Plan25119.pdf (


IFPC Neighbourhood Plan consultation statement and plan appendices

IFNP_Consultation_Statement_and_Appendices.pdf (


Neighbourhood Plan Business Questionnaire Results Report

Ingatestone__Fryerning_Business_Report_-_Draft_Dec18_002.pdf (


Neighbourhood Plan Household Questionnaire Results Report

Ingatestone_Questionnaire_Responses_Household_pdf.pdf (


Comments on the draft Neighbourhood Plan following the consultation

Consultation_statement_Appendix_7_Reg_14_rep_review_v2.pdf (


Basic conditions statement 

IFNP_Basic_Conditions_Statement_final-_nov_21.pdf (


Planning, Resources & Economic Development Committee' 24 November 2021, decision to approve the NP at Regulation 15.

Report Template (


Rural Community Profile

Rural community profile (


Regulation 16 Representations Received

IFNP_Regulation_16_Reps_Received.pdf (


SEA Screening Opinion 

SEA Screening Opinion for the Ingatestone and Fryerning NP (


Village Design Statement 

VD_Statement.pdf (

Committee Meetings

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Committee Documents