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Bus Travel

ECC Parish Passenger Transport Representatives Meeting - 18th February 2016

In response to my question to First Buses about 12 separate 351 service failures, we were advised that this was caused by a spate of 'severe' sickness problems, which has now passed.  First Buses also advised they have a shortage of drivers but are currently training a further 91 recruits.

First Buses advised that they monitor complaints about drivers not stopping but stated that passengers must hail a bus before it will stop.  

I asked for an update on the provision of real time information being available on the 351 service so that passengers know the actual time that buses are away from their stops.  I stated that without this information, there is no purpose in stakeholders spending funds and effort in trying to promote increased use of this public transport.  ECC advised that following problems experiences on the X30 (Southend - Stansted) route it is unlikely that this system will be available in the foreseeable future.

The one positive item is that First Buses have introduced a mobile phone app to "find out when your bus is due at your stop".

Sine the meeting, the office has received a flyer about the new 898 hopper service from Brentwood Community Hospital to Blackmore.

Cllr Donald Frost



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Bus Complaint Form

The attached form can be printed off and completed manually. The Office is logging all complaints and then forwarding them to Essex County Council, therefore, please return to the Parish Office either by post or by hand.


Bus Travel

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